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Morrine Mudegu – HR officer

Morrine Mudegu’s upward career path has mirrored the trajectory of FBW in Kenya.

When she joined the group’s Nairobi office, back in 2017, it was very much in its infancy, with just a three-strong team.

Since that time Morrine has seen the operation grow and develop to become a major resource for FBW, delivering on a host of major projects, not just in Kenya but across Africa.

Morrine’s own role has also grown, from administrative work to her current post overseeing FBW’s HR requirements group-wide. She took over the new HR Officer position last summer.

As part of her development in that role Morrine, who has a degree in commerce from Kenyatta University, studied part-time for her Masters in Human Resource Management at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology JKUAT.

Morrine, 31, who is from Nairobi, has been working to update the group’s employee handbook and revising its policies.

She says: “An important part of my job is simply listening to people in order to understand the issues that matter to them.”

She adds: “My is to ensure that the environment within FBW is employee-centric in that it embodies a culture of respect and trust among employees.

“I believe that an environment with respect and trust will always make employees feel comfortable sharing their ideas as well as opinions. That in turn helps them feel satisfied with their jobs and as a result more productive.”

Morrine also works in a finance role for the Kenyan operation. She says: “I’m really proud of the way FBW has grown in Kenya and the work it has done, and to have been part of that journey.

“Over that time, I’ve also been on my own professional journey, from assistant administrator, which was my first job in the organisation, to where I am now.

“The support and encouragement I’ve received from everybody at FBW during my career here has been massively helpful and I’m very grateful for it. Personal development has a high priority throughout the group and I have benefited from that.”

Morrine, who enjoys movies and cooking when she’s not at work, adds: “I feel I’ve really developed, not only professionally but personally as well over the past eight years. And I’ve enjoyed every bit of my time here.”