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Dr Antoni Scholtens Folkers – Founding Partner – FBW Architecten
Registered Architect & Urban Designer, PhD. Ir.(M.Sc.), Founder/Director, FBW Architecten, Netherlands. Registered Architect – Zanzibar & Netherlands

Dr. Folkers is a registered Architect and Urban Designer based in both Tanzania and the Netherlands. He is a founding director of Folkers, van Buiten & Wilks and FBW Architecten and possesses over 30 years of wide ranging experience in architecture urban planning in both Europe and Africa; with specialisations in tropical architecture, African building heritage and conservation.

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Paul Moores – Group Managing Director
BA (Hons) Dip Arch, RIBA, MUSA, MAAK, MRIA. Registered Architect: UK, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda

Paul is a Founding Director of FBW Group based in Kampala, Uganda since 1998. He is a qualified Architect, registered in UK, Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda. Paul is responsible for all Group activities and business development in Eastern Africa and is the primary contact for FBW Group globally.

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Lidoro Spencer Mwirotsi BA, MA, BORAQS (Kenya)
FBW Associate Director – Senior Architect / Project Manager – Kenya. Registered Architect: Kenya

Lidoro Mwirotsi is a practicing architect registered in Kenya who joined FBW in 2013. He is an Associate Director of FBW and possesses over 15 years’ wide ranging project experience gained throughout eastern Africa and South Africa. As an experienced senior project architect, coordinator and contracts administrator he has led and been involved in the design, delivery and oversight of high-quality and complex projects from concept design and design development to construction oversight.

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Nicholas Bukorović MSc BSc (Hons) BA (Hons) CEng FIET FCIBSE FSLL MILP FIET
Consultant Engineer. Chartered Electrical Engineer – UK & Rwanda

Nicholas Bukorović joined FBW in Kampala in 2012. He is a Senior Consultant Engineer with wide ranging experience of engineering projects undertaken in Europe and Africa. He is a senior advisor of Electrical engineering design and project oversight for FBW projects throughout Africa.

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Lina Osborn – Financial Manager
MSc, Cipfra. Chartered Accountant: UK

Lina is a UK-trained chartered Accountant who joined FBW in 2012. Based in Uganda, she is responsible for the day-to-day management, control and oversight of the Group’s financial activities across all territories.

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Geoff Wilks – Group Chairman
BEng. C Eng. MIStructE. Chartered Engineer: UK

Geoff is a Founding Director of FBW and was based in Tanzania from 1992 to 2000. He is a Chartered Engineer; now resident in Manchester, UK and is responsible for Group direction and overall business strategy.

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Robert Woffenden – Engineering Director- Rwanda / Business Development Co-ordinator – Kenya
(BSc (Hons), MIStructE, MUIPE, MIER). Registered Engineer UK, Uganda, Rwanda

Robert is a Group Director and qualified engineer, registered in Uganda, Rwanda and the UK. He joined FBW in Kampala in 1999 and jointly established and has managed FBW’s Rwandan office since 2011. He is the Director of Engineering in Rwanda and bears joint responsibility for FBW activities and business development in Rwanda and is responsible for structural/civil engineering design for FBW engineering throughout East Africa. In 2017 Rob relocated to Nairobi where he has taken up a role as Business Development Co-ordinator in Kenya alongside his continuing engineering role in Rwanda.

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Antje Eckoldt – Country Director – Kenya
Dip-Ing, Dip Arch, ARB (UK), MUSA. Registered Architect: UK, Uganda

Antje is a qualified Architect, registered in UK, Uganda who gained experience in Germany and the UK before joining FBW in 1999. She is a Group Director and has been Director of Architecture in Rwanda until 2017. Antje jointly opened and has managed the Rwandan office since 2011 where she held responsiblility for all architecture output and business development. In 2017 Antje relocated to Nairobi where she has taken up a role as Resident Country Director in Kenya

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Stuart Harley – Director of Operations
BA(Hons) BArch ARB (UK), RIBA. Architect: UK

Stuart is a qualified Architect with over 20 years’ experience gained in the UK, East Africa and West Africa. Originally with FBW in Tanzania and Uganda between 1998 and 2005, he re-joined FBW in 2010. Today he fulfils a chief operation role to the Board and is responsible for the day‐to‐day management of the Group’s business operations across all territories; including finance, human resources, information technology and office administration.

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Joseph Debuni – Director of Engineering – Uganda
BSc Eng (Hons), MUIPE, ERB, EBK, IER. Registered Engineer: Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda

Joseph is a Group Director and Director of Engineering in Uganda responsible for day-to-day office engineering output and business development. He is a qualified Engineer, registered in Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda, with over 20 years’ experience in the field of Structural Engineering. He joined FBW in 2000 and is based in Uganda

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Nigel Tilling – Group Projects Director
BA (Hons), BArch, RIBA, MUSA. Registered Architect: UK, Uganda

Nigel is a Group Director and FBW Group’s Projects Director responsible for all design projects, and the architect on major projects. He is a qualified Architect, registered in both the UK and Uganda and has been resident in Uganda since 2001.

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Paul Semanda BArch (Hons), MUSA, MAAK
Associate Director – Senior Project Architect / Country Manager -Rwanda Registered Architect: Kenya & Uganda

Paul Semanda is a Registered Architect in Uganda and Kenya and was until recently the Head of FBW Architecture Department in Uganda, before relocating to Rwanda in mid-2017 to assume the role of Country Manager. Paul has recently successfully delivered the United Nations Courts Complex in Arusha in addition to several other high-quality and complex projects through all stages of design and project oversight. He has undertaken major projects in various sectors including educational, residential, retail and mixed-use developments.

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Dean A. Gibbs (PGDip)
FBW MEP Project Manager and MEP Lead ‐ Uganda.

Dean Gibbs is a senior MEP design lead with over 30 years’ wide ranging experience gained within a diverse mix of MEP sectors including airports, seaports, hospitals, pharmaceutical facilities and process engineering plants. He has extensive design, installation, project management and site delivery experience within client, consultant and contractor engineering environments in the UK, Middle East and Africa. Based in Uganda, Dean is design lead and senior project manager for MEP projects undertaken by FBW within East Africa.

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