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Job Title:                       Project Structural Engineer

Country:                        Rwanda

Reports to:                    Country Director; Director of Engineering; senior engineer

Competency level:         Registered


Overview / job purpose:


Primary Duties:

  • Carry out desk top study with a view of developing site investigation scope/specifications and reviewing results of site investigation report
  • Idealization of the structure into load bearing frames and elements for analysis and design.
  • Estimation of loads as per the relevant codes of practice
  • Analysis to determine the maximum moments, thrusts, and shears for design for the different types of construction materials.
  • Design of sections and reinforcement arrangements for slabs, beams, columns, stairs walls and any other structural elements using he results from the analysis.
  • Prepare general arrangement drawings for the final design, building regulation and control, tender and construction purposes.
  • Attend internal and external meetings as part of the design team, following up action points and contributing to agenda items where appropriate
  • Take responsibility for engineering tasks and perform associated calculations and analysis.



  • Prepare detailed drawings of individual structural elements and connection details.
  • Prepare contract documents and drawings for building regulation and control, tender and construction purposes.
  • Ensure compliance with project QMS and HSE procedures.
  • Liaise with material and equipment suppliers.


Site Activities:

  • Attend site meetings.
  • Carry out site inspections.
  • Prepare necessary reports for contractual submittal reviews.


Other duties:

  • Coach, mentor and assist less experienced staff.
  • Contribute to the management and development of the Company and the people.
  • Contribute to continual improvement and feedback.


Staff Responsibilities and Non-staff Resources:

  • The post holder is expected to work as a team with other members of staff in the Company and is not expected to supervise others’ work.
  • Effectively manage own time which may be allocated to more than one project.
  • Maintain and improve the reputation of the Company within the marketplace.
  • Required to supervise several small teams and co-ordinate available resources.
  • Responsible for performance management issues and recommending disciplinary actions.

 Applications outlining your aspirations and including a CV and portfolio should be emailed to:

[email protected]