FBW's main region of operation is in East Africa. The countries within the region suffer from a number of problems which unfortunately often result in many worthy goals such as Health & Safety and Environmental issues being regarded as being of secondary importance when compared to more fundamental humanitarian and financial concerns.


There has been a concerted effort among Governmental organisations, NGOs and professional bodies in Uganda to ensure that adequate attention is given to the Health & Safety and Environmental issues in construction projects. The Ugandan Government has passed specific legislation but its enforcement is often variable and its requirements are often inferior to international standards.


As a company, FBW understands its responsibility to ensure that the built environment is developed with care and with an understanding of the many factors that influence the construction industry. We operate as a European practice in East Africa. We endeavour to bring to our African projects the same levels of health and safety and environmental concerns as expected in our European projects. Wherever possible we endeavour to move beyond locally accepted standards and to bring recognised European standards and work practices to all areas of our work, including Health & Safety and Environmental issues, and to encourage the work of others to aspire to meet those same international standards.

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